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Who we are:


Our team has a wealth of experience in the Stone Industry with strong industry relations, stakeholders and alliances.  Our General Manager has 20+ years experience as a Stonemason and Tiler, and is one of the best in the industry.  Our Project Manager has 10+ years experience also as a Stonemason and has a unique specialisation in digital check measuring. So we can assist with any type of technical question you may have.  Our friendly office staff also have solid stone industry experience, so they can help you with advice or queries as well.  

We have a centrally located factory in Braeside with the latest machinery and technology, such as our brand new high-tech CNC saw.  We also use the latest check measure digital technology when we come out to measure your job which insures that your measurements are perfect for programming the cutting of your job on our saw.  

We are able to process any stone material you desire, such as Natural Stone, Engineered Stone, Porcelain, Ultra Compact Stone, and Tiles.  And we only utilise safe wet cutting practices.

A lot of Stonemasons are unable to cut certain material, such as Porcelain or ultra-compact materials, so they will either turn down these products or outsource the cutting. However at The Benchtop Factory, we have the equipment and experience necessary to cut porcelain and ultra-compact material perfectly and in-house.  The advantage of our in-house cutting enables us to offer you more competitive prices for these materials, in addition to retaining the management over quality control so that your job is cut in accordance with our high quality standards.

Our Culture:

At The Benchtop Factory, we strive to deliver you the best quality stone product and within the promised time frames.  That is why we have recruited highly skilled and qualified team members.  Business is fast-paced and dynamic, hence our staff are intelligent, vibrant, tech-savvy, and are highly organised to ensure that we deliver a quality product with superior customer service.  

Feel free to call us on 03 9012 5423 if you need to speak to one of us.

The Process:

If you have a job that you need quoting, please feel free to email us your plans or drawings to  We will get a quote back to you asap.  If you need assistance with material selection or edge profile options we can assist you.  


Our website has a range of slab images from some of our very trusted Stone Suppliers, so this may also assist you with stone selection and ideas.  We also have stone samples at our factory if you would rather see the stone options physically.  So feel free to come in to have a look.

From the quote acceptance stage, we schedule a check measure, where we come to you with our digital measuring device. After taking the digital measurements, back at our factory we program these measurements into our CNC saw, where your job is then cut to perfect accuracy.  

Lastly, 10 business days maximum from template date we will come out and install your job.

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